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Sauk Valley Massage and Therapy Center is now pleased to announce we are offering reflexology therapy in addition to our other already outstanding relaxation and therapy services. Over the years we have tried to offer our Dixon customers and those in the surrounding communities a much more well-rounded selection of wellness therapies besides that of just your standard massages. Our Reflexology services will become a big part of that.

Reflexology is a service that is now spreading like wildfire across the USA as its shows up at more and more massage centers. People have been receiving outstanding results with it from sessions that last as little as 30 minutes. We are convinced that once you try it you will become one of the many people who insist on getting this highly specialized treatment twice monthly or even more.

What is Reflexology?

An alternative medicine involving an application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques. This is the exact principle that reflexology operates under. It’s a therapeutic practice that can trace its roots back some 5000 years to ancient Hindu and Chinese holistic medical practices. Although there is no scientific evidence that Reflexology actually accomplishes any type of physical healing, millions of people around the world swear about its effectiveness and how good it leaves them feeling. 

Most of the treatment is centered around your feet but there are also forms of it that include your hands and ears to as these areas have been found to be connected to every part of your body through your body’s natural energy pathways that we mentioned. 

Treatment is based on the assumption that if you apply pressure to a certain point on your foot other areas of your body will benefit because the energy pathway to them that has healing benefits has been restored. So while many people see reflexology as a foot massage on steroids that feels great, its actual health benefits to other areas of your body may very well go way beyond that.

The practice has become so sophisticated that licensed reflexologists are actually trained by using a pinpoint map of the feet in order to try and stimulate healing and wellness in other parts of your body. Simply by placing pressure on one of these mapped areas of your feet is thought to be able to do such things as relieve sinus pressure, shorten the duration of headaches and encourage healthy digestion.

The Many Benefits of Reflexology

Why are the numbers of people seeking reflexology treatments growing so rapidly? It’s because reflexology is thought to have health benefits that go far beyond just relaxing you and making your feet feel great. A 30-minute reflexology lesson will get your body’s natural energy flowing again and leave you feeling rejuvenated too.

Here is a small sample of some of the benefits you are thought to receive from a reflexology therapy session: 

  • What can Reflexology do for you?

    • It helps remove harmful toxins from your body
    • Increases bodily energy flow
    • Boost your immune system
    • Freeing knotted pressure points improves circulation
    • It helps reconnect energy pathways that are thought to promote healing
    • It reduces stress and reinvigorates you

Just Sit Back and Relax During Your Session

Your only task during your reflexology therapy session will be to sit back and relax as your skilled technician goes about their work. They will expertly knead your foot muscles and apply gentle pressure exactly where it’s needed to benefit the rest of your body too.

When your session is done you will feel uplifted and dramatically less tense. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids after to get rid of any toxins in your body that were freed up during the therapy.

Combine Reflexology with One of Our Other Great Services for the Ultimate Relaxation Therapy

For the ultimate in relaxation, you should try combining reflexology with one of our other wellness services such as our ultra-popular couples massage. Just a few hours at our therapy center will leave you and your significant other feel like you just spent a week at the beach. Talk to us some more about how you can schedule this exciting and unique couple’s experience. It also makes the perfect gift to say “I love you”.

We offer several packages where you can experience more than just one of our services as part of a more comprehensive wellness package. You will also have the choice of getting your message, reflexology, and other services done all at once or spread out over a number of appointments. As always the choice is yours. 

Call Us to Schedule a Highly Beneficial Reflexology Session Today

Sauk Valley Massage Therapy is proud to be an active part of your overall wellness program. Most of us need every ounce of relief we can get from the rigors we put our bodies through daily and the natural stress that builds up as we navigate through each day. You need to do everything you can to keep yourself on top of your game physically and mentally and repetitive treatments such as massage and reflexology can play a major role in that.

We at Sauk Valley Massage Therapy also realize that you may have a busy schedule that does now allow you the luxury of having any free time during the day. That is not a problem because we offer convenient weeknight and Saturday session appointments too. If you really want to experience the benefits of one of our great treatments we have a time slot that will conveniently fit into your schedule.

So call us today at 815-516-1646 to book a massage, a healing reflexology session or schedule any of the other beneficial treatments that we offer at our conveniently located Dixon, Illinois Massage therapy center. We proudly serve such other great communities as Walnut, Prophetstown, Sterling, Rockfalls, and Oregon too.

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