Hot Stone Therapy 

Why Choose Hot Stone Therapy over Other Types of Traditional Massage

We have to admit that many of our spa customers are surprised to find such an advanced massage therapy center in little old Dixon, Illinois. One of the reasons we have grown to be the way we are is that we pride ourselves on staying in touch with our clients’ needs and feelings.

That is the exact reason I am writing this blog piece. It seems our valued customers were sometimes reluctant to ask for a hot stone massage treatment because they were unfamiliar with just exactly how good this highly specialized massage treatment feels. It also seems there were some misconception and angst as to why anyone would want to put ‘hot stones’ on their body.

Well, we have been in the business long enough to know that a happy therapy client is a well-informed therapy client. That is why I thought I would do a blog piece on exactly what hot stone therapy is and all the benefits you get from this rejuvenating massage treatment.

What Exactly Is a Hot Stone Massage therapy?

Let’s get one thing cleared up right away and tell you that we do not put big jagged edge stones on you when you get this form of treatment. In all actuality, the stones are flat, somewhat round, about the size and thickness of a small cell phone. As far as their weight goes you will hardly feel them when they are placed on your body.

Also, as far as the term ‘hot stone’ is used in the name of this type of massage therapy there is often a little bit of misconception there too. The special stones that are used for this therapy are steam warmed and sanitized so they should more appropriately be called ‘very warm stones’. Many times we will not even place the hot stones directly on your skin.

These stones when strategically placed on your back and other areas of your body will soothe and take the tension out of your aching and overly tight muscles. The hot stones become an extension of the masseuse’s hands and when combined with hand muscle kneading it forms a very effective type of massage therapy.

The Benefits You Will Get From This Wonderful Form Of Massage Therapy

You may be wondering how hot stone massage therapy benefits you. Here are some of the benefits you will receive from having this form of massage treatment done:

  • It relaxes your muscles
  • Hot stone therapy has been known to relieve muscle pain
  • It will help improve your circulation
  • Hot stone therapy often lowers your stress level
  • It is thought to give your immune system a boost
  • Hot stone therapy quite possibly will improve your sleep

One thing is for sure. If you try hot stone massage therapy with us just one time we are quite sure it won’t be the last time you ever ask for one. It may turn out it feels so good that you will never let us do another type of massage therapy on you again.

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