Couples Massage – The Ultimate Date Night 

Ever since my youngest child turned three my wife and I have tried to hire a sitter once a month and get out for a romantic evening on a date night. At first it was great but lately, my wife did not even seem excited anymore when talking about we should do on our next date night. I hardly can blame her because she’s right; dinner and a movie get old after it’s been done so many times. I decided I needed to come up with something new and fresh for our next date night. Fortunately, my coworker in Sterling, Illinois provided me with the perfect solution.  He had mentioned that he and his wife were turned on to a great new experience over in Dixon by a friend. They had an enjoyable evening that started off with a couples massage at the Sauk Valley Therapy Center. I thought to myself that would be something very different from the norm that my wife would probably really enjoy. So I called the number for the folks over at Sauk Valley Massage and after a few minutes of conversation with the receptionist, my wife and I had a date in the books for our first couples massage experience.

We arrived as scheduled and were impressed with how clean and nicely decorated the Sauk Valley Massage Therapy Center in Dixon was. Even though it was in the evening the staff still greeted us warmly and enthusiastically. My wife was obviously excited and I was a little nervous because I wanted so badly for my wife to enjoy this experience.

A few minutes later were taken to our massage room. As we put on the garments that were provided you could not help but notice how pleasant the atmosphere was. Soft music was playing, the massage tables were incredibly clean, the lights were down low and the room even smelled very pleasant.   

When it came time for the massage to begin I was kind of surprised that the smaller of the two masseuses came over to me and gently started kneading my overly tight, work stress induced shoulder muscles. After about two seconds any fears that I had that she would not be strong enough to handle the job quickly went away. As a matter of fact, I had to ask her to start off a little more gently, please.   

My masseuse was incredibly skilled at her craft. Within a few minutes, all of the day’s stresses and anxieties started to melt away from my body. The level of relaxation I felt during that massage was absolutely incredible.  

I am not sure if I got more pleasure from the amazing soothing massage I was getting or from seeing the relaxed and happy expression on my wife’s face as she was getting her massage. My wife’s feelings on the matter were much less subdued. I could tell by the way she giggled uncontrollably when I jumped because my masseuse hit a sensitive spot on my back that she was getting more pleasure from watching me get my massage.

We both agreed to smile as we got in our car to leave that it would be something we would have to do again real soon. The next day I called and booked another couple massage in a few months down the road. One thing is for sure and that’s that unlike dinner and a movie, my wife and I don’t ever see a date night that includes a couple’s massage ever getting old.

Want to know a secret? Don’t tell her but I am as excited as she is to get our next couple’s massage together.

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