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Reflexology which is also referred to as zone therapy is a treatment which involves determining the pressure points in hands and feet that can relieve stress and provide relaxation to the body. It is not a medical procedure but a sort of therapy where the practitioner uses gentle massage movements during the procedure. People who work in corporate and spend a significant amount of time working on the computers, often attain a wrong body posture while sitting and might even start slouching. Along with this, come the bouts of stress, sleepless nights, and tiring days at work. To alleviate yourself from all these issues, you can take help of reflexology. If you are new to reflexology and want to know what it is like to attend a session, there listed below is a brief about the procedure.

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1. Meet up with the reflexology

The sole aim of the entire reflexology session is to relieve your stress and strained muscles, thus giving you a calm feeling. Right after your arrival, the practitioner will ask you questions related to your health history so as to assess if the reflexology treatment would be appropriate for you. During the process, you will get to know about reflexology in detail, the methods of carrying it out, and the procedure of the entire session. The professional might ask you to sign a consent form in some cases.

2. Starting the reflexology sessions

Once the above procedure is completed, you will be asked to sit down in a relaxed position for the feet therapy. This would be followed by soaking your feet in warm water, moisturizing them with a lotion, and drying them. This would be followed by gentle hand movements over the pressure points on the feet that will cause a relaxing sensation. The practitioner will also examine your feet for open wounds, plantar warts, or rashes that might hinder the treatment. You can choose the timing for the therapy sessions which can vary from 60 minutes to 120 minutes.

3. Massage commencement

The reflexology therapy is not meant to target a relaxation of a particular body part, say, for instance, treating headache, or sciatica, etc. It is rather concentrated on determining the pressure points and releasing your tension. The therapy session is started from your toes and foot, where gentle pressure is applied to generate a

relaxed response. 4. Feedback session

The reactions for a therapy session might vary from person to person and you might experience one or more of the following: pain relief, calm and energized feeling, toxin release which might cause temporary spots or rashes, or a change in the mobility in joints. At times, a person can also encounter bowel and bladder movements, but those would be for short-term. These sessions can be taken on a weekly basis and might for a month until you feel a significant change.

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